GBPUSD Opportunity to short 24.04.2014


GBPUSD is currently trading at the 5 year high. A bearish signal has appeared at the top and I am looking to sell at 1.6798. My first target is 1.6720. The second target is at 1.6631. I am not targeting big moves yet as the GBPUSD is still in a strong uptrend. Stop loss is a close above 1.6838.

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USDX trade hit first target 21.04.2014


Based on the outlook of the USDX which I posted on 16.04.2014, I wrote that buy trades should be taken at 79.64 or lower. The next day, the price came down to fill our entry at 79.64 and it went as low as 79.58. Today on the 21.04.2014 price hit the first level at 79.94. I have exited 50% of my trades and left the rest to run. I am aiming for a big move in the USDX and targeting 83.61. Congrats to traders who took this trade.

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USDX Trade 16.04.2014 Outlook


Currently USD is testing the 2 year low. I would be looking to buy the dollar index at 79.64 or lower. My first target would be 79.94 followed by 80.09. We might see some dollar strength so I might just let the trade run after that. My stop loss would be a close below 79.47.

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Silver 16.04.2014 Outlook


The Silver is currently trading the 2013 low. I would be looking to buy the Silver if it shows any bullish showcards. Your first target would be the 19.82 followed by 20.14 and lastly 21.75. Stop loss would be determined when showcard appears.

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USDX 09.04.2014 Trade Result


The market really took its own sweet time to move to the first level target which I posted on 20.03.2014. For the entry, please click here. A total of 11 trading days to hit 80.48. My average entries were at 80.00. After hitting my first level target, I usually have a habit of taking of 50% of my entries and protect the balance 50% by shifting my stops to one pip above my entry. I had my second level target at 80.61. However the highest it went was 80.60 and USDX drop from there. I was stopped out yesterday with one pip profit.

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